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By The Bay is kicking off a series of environment and sustainability-focused activities with ‘Join the Loop’

As an asset manager, we are committed and especially aware of our responsibility in minimising energy and water consumption. In support of our commitment to sustainability, we aim for zero waste and seek to discourage the use of single-use plastic and to support and boost recycling efforts throughout our portfolio.

This year, to mark the return of our community to By The Bay, we are embarking on a series of sustainability-focused activities.

Join The Loop by BayGreen

BayGreen - a By The Bay initiative - seeks to raise awareness about the environmental and sustainability challenges and issues. Our first installation, titled Join The Loop, is now open to the public at the Community Space at Marina Bay Link Mall (MBLM), B2-10.

Visitors are provided statistics about Singapore’s overconsumption and wastage associated with food and fashion and introduced to the circular economy, especially around recycling and upcycling as well as discover ways to mitigate issues on overconsumption and land pollution to make a better home for ourselves and future generations.

There are also various activities such as an upcycling workshop, fashion swap sessions, used items donation and recycling drop off that you can partake in. There is also a display featuring our eco-friendly partners such as Artisan of Sense, Cloversoft, Fawn Labs, Home with Annette, The Sustainability Project and Muuse with products that can be purchased through BayShop at exclusive discounts via our By The Bay mobile app.

Visit the Community Space at MBLM for more, or download our By The Bay mobile app through this link and explore under BayGreen.

Green Champions Sustainability Workgroup (“Green Champs”)

The Green Champs Committee brings together many of our By The Bay tenants in support of efforts to advocate greater awareness about sustainability, commit to greener living and seek to reduce our carbon footprint.

This year, the group is focused on the following topics: recycling rate, energy consumption and single-use plastics.

Tenants and brands that are passionate about sustainability, and keen to do more, can join Green Champs and support our drive towards sustainability. Register your interest to

Beach Clean-Up

We held our first beach clean-up in 2021 with OMERS, a tenant of One Raffles Quay North Tower and part of the By The Bay community. This year, we are looking forward to the first clean-up of the year, to be held on 18 February (Friday) at Sembawang Beach.

We are working with Seven Clean Seas, a dedicated Ocean Clean Up Organisation based in Singapore to facilitate these clean-up events. The following session will be on 22 April (Friday) and are inviting the By The Bay Community to participate as a portfolio effort. Both corporate and individuals are welcome, details to register for the beach clean-up can be found at this link.

The focus on plastics is an important one for By The Bay. Plastics are not biodegradable and break into small pieces, known as microplastics. These microplastics are mistaken for food by marine life and ingested. This is harmful to marine life, and as the microplastics enter our food chain, it becomes a danger to humans as well. Our beach clean-ups help to remove plastics from being washed into the seas.

Plant a Tree 2022

We are launching our first corporate tree-planting activity – Plant a Tree 2022. As part of sustainability efforts beyond By The Bay, we are looking to play an active role in supporting National Parks Board’s (NPark) City in Nature vision, and the Garden City Fund.

Interested corporates can work with By The Bay to sponsor any number of trees up to 100 trees for 2 private planting sessions in 2022. The full sponsorship amount will be donated to the Garden City Fund and organisations can enjoy a tax deduction of 2.5 times the donation amount.

Collaborate with us on this meaningful activity towards Singapore’s greening efforts. To find out more, write to us at

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