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Frequently asked questions

About By The Bay App/Account Registration
What is the By The Bay App used for?

By The Bay App offers great conveniences to tenants and visitors of Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), One Raffles Quay (ORQ) and Marina Bay Link Mall (MBLM). Experience a unique live-work-play district filled with exciting activities, promotions and a one-stop platform for information on amenities and services.

As Tenant Resident, you are able to access into building turnstile with mobile access and invite visitors through tenant portal or in-app visitor management system. You are able to access to tenant building services feature for fault reporting, viewing of circulars and season parking enquiry. You are able to enjoy tenant’s exclusive lifestyle and workspace solutions.As visitor, you are able to access to basic and non-tenant lifestyle and workspace feature.

Key Features of By The Bay App

This is where your profile is kept and your access card to your office. Set up your preferences and receive content that is relevant for you.

BayFit is your window into all your health and fitness options in your community.

BayPlay is your window into all the events in your community and in the wider Marina Bay area.

BayFacilities allows you to manage tenant building services– Receive the latest building circulars, report a fault and submit season parking enquiries at your fingertips.

BayDine is your personal assistant to tell you what’s cooking By The Bay.

BayPlay is your window into all the events in your community and in the wider Marina Bay area.

BayShop is your personal assistant to tell you what’s in store By The Bay.

BayRewards helps you earn as you buy.

BaySpace is your access to all the spaces By The Bay.

BayGreen is your guide to sustainability By The Bay.

BayConcierge is your virtual concierge to help with your day. Exclusively for office tenants of Marina Bay Financial Centre and One Raffles Quay. Enjoy seamless entry into building turnstile with mobile access and invite visitors to your office through the app.

To onboard your company on mobile access, kindly reach out to

Can anyone download the By The Bay App?

Yes, anyone can download the App for free on App Store (iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.0 and above), Play Store (Android devices with Android 5.1 and above) and HUAWEI App Gallery. Tenant users will have access to the complete suite of exclusive features of By The Bay app and are identified via their company e-mail domain.

For non-tenants, By The Bay App is open to all residents residing in Singapore, with a valid Singapore registered mobile number and email address. Registration via a non-tenant e-mail address will not grant user access to selected features

Can I share my By The Bay account with others?

By The Bay account is non-transferrable.

What information is required to download and register on By The Bay app?

Personal information are generally not required for building access and general use of the app. Tenant users are verified via their tenant e-mail addresses and they are required to set up their personal Alias and password for subsequent use and experiences of the app. All data captured by the system is store on a cloud located within Singapore. All data in transit and at rest are encrypted.

What happens if I delete By The Bay app accidentally?

Office tenants with mobile access
Your existing mobile access card is deactivated once app is deleted, please follow the steps to activate new mobile access card:

  • Inform your company By The Bay tenant administrator and request for new mobile access card.
  • Re-install By The Bay app in your mobile.
  • Log into By The Bay app using your corporate email and password.
  • Go to mobile access page (2nd icon on the navigation bar) and click ‘activate mobile access’ button after tenant admin issued new access card to you.
  • New mobile access card is activated.Office tenants/shoppers without mobile access.

If you have an existing account, simply re login with your account details. Or register with a valid mobile number and email address.

Personal data & privacy
I do not wish to share my personal information on By The Bay app, will I still be able to use all the features of the app?

Personal information is not required for the downloading, registration, and general use of the app. Tenant users may be asked to provide name; contact information should they choose to use certain features within the app (eg. Providing feedback via the app, registration to attend activities / events, any future transactional features within the app). Such personal information are provided at the discretion of the users and is required for subsequent follow-ups/coordination or contact tracing. Personal information that are not required further will be purged from the system after 6 months.

Raffles Quay Asset Management Pte Ltd is the asset manager for One Raffles Quay and Marina Bay Financial Centre. For visitors to the building, they will need to register their name and contact number on the app for security and contact tracing purposes. If they do not revisit the building within 6 months, their information will be purged from the system.

Who is managing the Personal Information uploaded to the By The Bay app?

RQAM will be responsible for managing the Personal Information uploaded to the By The Bay app, which it does so as the Organisation as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) 2012 of Singapore. RQAM may engage a third-party provider (the “Intermediary” as defined by PDPA) to assist in processing Personal Information on its behalf.

All questions relating to Personal Information on the By The Bay app should be directed to RQAM at

How is Personal Information in the By The Bay app stored and protected?

All Personal Information uploaded to the By The Bay app are stored on cloud servers located in Singapore. All Personal Information in transit and at rest are encrypted.

Does By The Bay app track my movements and share my data on the internet?

No. The app and RQAM does not track the movements of the users and no data is shared on the internet.

Receiving of marketing messages
Will I get marketing messages after I register a By The Bay account?

As a registered user of the By The Bay app, you will, from time to time, receive promotional messages relating to offers, benefits, privileges and promotions for products and services within the asset portfolio and its partners that will be available for you.

How can I opt out of receiving marketing message?

You always have full control on whether you would like to receive marketing messages from us. You can update your marketing preference from your Profile setting available on our app. Click on the icon and select at the top right hand corner. You can now select your marketing preference.

I had already opted out of receiving marketing messages, why am I still getting marketing notifications?

From time to time, we will send non-targeted notification messages to all users of our By The Bay app. We do not use your personal data when we do this. You can simply close the pop up window to continue using the app when this happens.

My By The Bay app crashes whenever I click it. What should I do?

Office tenants with mobile access
Do not delete or uninstall the App. Inform your company tenant administrator or contact If you delete By The Bay App, you will lose Mobile Access Card that is embedded within the App.

Office tenants/shoppers without mobile access
Do check if the app is due for an update.

I have created an account on the By The Bay App before but I have forgotten my login details. How do I retrieve it?

Click on “Forget Password” and enter the registered email address for a link to be sent to reset the password. Upon successful reset of password, re-login using new details.

I did not receive my one-time SMS verification code or email after attempting to register an account on By The Bay App.

SMS – Please ensure a locally registered valid mobile number is entered. Click on “Resend OTP” to retrigger another code.

Email - Please check your junk or spam mailbox if you have received an email titled as “By The Bay Account Registration” sent by Your email may be pushed to this folder as certain email domains such as .hotmail and .gmail may be moved by default into this folder instead of your primary inbox. If you have self-registered using your corporate email address, your company’s firewall may be blocking you from receiving such emails, please check with your IT department.

How can I update my mobile number?

You can change your registered mobile number anytime.

  • Click on “Profile” under “Other Information”
  • Click on “Update”, enter new mobile number to receive a One-Time-Password (OTP)
During sign-up of a new account, I encountered an error message “Email address or mobile number already exists”

If you are prompted with the error message, you may check the following:

  • Check that your email address entered is correct
  • Check that there is no space entered between the characters
  • Check if you are sharing this email address with anyone

If you have checked all of the above and are still receiving the error message, please approach our Concierge for assistance. Upon investigation of the issue, a representative will get back to you within 3 - 5 working days. Alternatively, for technical support, you may reach out to

What is the expiry date for this By The Bay account?

By The Bay App account has no expiry.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

You may contact the support e-mail address which is listed in By The Bay app.

E-mail Support:

Rewards and Privileges
What is a By The Bay App E-voucher?

A By The Bay App e-voucher is a digital voucher that:

  • Allows you to offset your purchases whenever you dine or shop at participating retailers within MBLM, MBFC and ORQ and / or:
  • Allows you to redeem a reward in conjunction with a mall campaign

We currently do not have digital MBLM mall e-vouchers with dollar value. Our physical mall gift vouchers are available for sale at our MBLM Concierge (Basement 2) in denominations of $5, $10 and $50. Please approach the Concierge counter for more information.

I have received an App e-voucher in “My Vouchers” or browsed on a promotion on BayDine/Shop/Rewards, how do I redeem my App E-voucher?

Head to Concierge counter or respective retailer to redeem the app e-voucher.
At the MBLM concierge counter/retailer, launch the By The Bay App

  • Click on “Claim this deal” – if it is a promotion on BayDine/Shop/Rewards
  • Go to “My Voucher”
  • Click on “Redeem Voucher”
  • Click on “Confirm”
  • Scan QR code given by retailer or Concierge ( please go to your phone settings and enable By The Bay App to access phone’s camera/video)
I encountered an error message or page hang while attempting to redeem the E-voucher at a retailer, can I still get my reward?
  • If the error message is QR code invalid, please double check if you have presented the correct App e-voucher to the respective retailer
  • If you encounter an App crash or page hang, please close your By The Bay App and relaunch it
  • If all the above does not work, kindly approach Concierge counter for assistance. Upon investigation of the issue, a representative will get back to you within 3 - 5 working days. Alternatively, for technical support, you may reach out to
My App E-voucher has expired as I have found it under History, may I request for an extension?

There will be no further extensions granted for expired e-vouchers

Can I make payment in By The Bay App to offset my purchase using App e-voucher?

By The Bay App currently does not have any e-payment capabilities. Please make payment at respective retailers directly.

Must I be a By The Bay App user to enjoy all promotions and lucky draws conducted by Raffles Quay Asset Management?

Yes, you will need to register as a By The Bay user to qualify for all promotions and lucky draws conducted by Raffles Quay Asset Management unless otherwise stated.

As certain promotions and rewards under BayShop/Dine/Rewards are tenant exclusive, you may not be able to eligible for the tenant-exclusive promotion. If you are non-tenant of MBFC/ORQ or did not register using your corporate email address.

Event Registration
How do I sign up for an event slot on BayPlay/BayFit?
  • Check the desired timing or date of event (if applicable)
  • Click on Sign up” on the event you wish to register for
  • After successful registration of an event, event will appear under “Registered” tab
Can I cancel my slot after registration?

Yes, you may go to the event under “Registered” and click in to cancel slot.

Is the event free of charge? I am a non-tenant of MBFC/ORQ, why am I not able to see the events that my friend who is a tenant is able to see.
Our events are currently free of charge unless otherwise stated. Certain events such as fitness classes and workshops under BayPlay and BayFit may be office tenant exclusive. You may not be able to view or sign up for the event if you are non-tenant of MBFC/ORQ or did not register using your corporate email address.
I am unable to sign up for the event. Is it fully registered?

If you see “Fully Registered” on the App, it means that there are no available slots left.

For any other questions, please email to or submit a feedback through the By The Bay App.

  • Go to “BayConcierge”
  • Click on “Feedback"
Mobile Access (for MBFC and ORQ tenants only)
Will there be a training session for our staff on the use of By The Bay app?
The tenant may share the landlord’s By The Bay On-Boarding deck in whole or in part with the rest of your company. Based on your activation dates, the landlord will work with Habitap to carry out additional support during initial on-boarding period and to assist your colleagues.
Is data or wifi connection required for building access via By The Bay app?

No data or internet connection is required for tenants’ access through the building turnstiles via digital access card.

Momentary internet connection is only required for users who need to refresh their dynamic QR codes prior to their access into the building.

Why does the app not work when I tap my phone at the turnstile? Why does the turnstile not open when I tap my phone?

There are a number of reasons why the digital mobile access does not work.

For tenant users, the common causes are:

  • the user failing to turn on his/her mobile phone’s Bluetooth or NFC;
  • digital access card not activated (refer to Annex A for detailed activation process); or
  • the user may be using the wrong spot of the phone to tap on the turnstile reader.

With repeated use, the user should be able to ascertain the right spot to tap their phone. If all fails, please approach Landlord Concierge at Level 1 to retrieve a QR ticket.

For visitors, kindly approach the building concierge to retrieve a QR ticket or contact your By The Bay company administrator.

Can I use the tenant digital access card to access other towers in MBFC/ORQ?

No. Tenant digital access card will only grant access to the specified floors within designated towers as specified by tenant administrator

Our office spans across two levels or more, does this mean our digital access card will grant guests access to all our levels?

The default arrangement is for visitors to be granted access to the floor of your reception. Should there be a need to bring the guest to an alternative level for the meeting, the tenant staff will need to receive them at your reception or building concierge, and to be escorted to the meeting venue.

This arrangement is to ensure security of the tenant’s premises. However, alternative arrangement could be arranged and discussed further.

What happens if my hand phone battery is flat? Can I still access the building?

User may approach the building concierge to loan a power bank to charge his/her phone or they may register with building concierge on Level 1 to obtain a printed QR ticket for access.

I am a iPhone user. Whenever I tap my phone at the turnstile, my credit card detail is triggered.

This is an iPhone function which priorities e-payment wallet when using NFC signal. This is controlled by Apple and cannot be changed, and similar scenarios may appear for other readings such train gantries. Please be assured thar there will be no money deduction nor any information taken. The By The Bay App will still send the mobile card to the turnstile reader even with the apple wallet displayed on your screen.

Am I able to have multiple digital access cards in my mobile phone if I already have a digital access card for another building?

Yes, you may have more than 1 digital access card residing in your mobile phone. However, when accessing MBFC/ORQ with your By the Bay App, you must shut all other apps with digital access cards. For some Android phone models, you may be prompted by your mobile phone to select the correct digital card to be used at the turnstile.

I accidentally activated my mobile access on my tablet. Can I reverse this and activate on my phone instead?

No. Activations are specifically tied per device only. Please contact your company By The Bay tenant administrator to issue you with new card.

Why does my mobile access digital card status show “not activated”?

There are few possibilities:

  • You may have downloaded the app but did not complete your registration.
  • You may have change mobile device.
  • Your company By The Bay tenant administrator have not activate your digital card.
  • Your company By The Bay tenant administrator may have de-activate your digital card

Please contact your company By The Bay tenant administrator to assist you with registration or re-issue you with new card.

As a first time user, how do I use mobile access?

Ensure app/device settings are turned on

  • For Iphone and Android (non-NFC Supported) > Turn ON both Location service + Bluetooth
  • For Android (NFC supported) > Turn ON NFC
  • 2. Launch By The Bay App
  • 3. Ensure card status is Activated.
  • 4. Tap on the turnstile.
I am unable to register as I cannot find the welcome email. Who should I look for?

The welcome email will be generated by each company’s Tenant Administrator during on-boarding and is only valid for 7 days. Please inform your company’s By the Bay tenant administrator to resend the welcome email again if you have passed the validation date.

We run mass trainings/events at our office on a frequent basis. How do we get attendees to access the building?

Tenants can use the By The Bay in-app to send invites to their guests. There is no limit set for the invites.

If visitors in the group do not have mobile phones, the tenant administrator will be required to make a separate request to the landlord with details of your event and invited guests. Separate arrangements can be made for the guests to access the building.

I would like to use my identification card as means to gain access to the building as a visitor. Can I do that?

Not this is not allowed. In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act in Singapore, we will no longer retain or retrieve information from the identification documents of visitors, except for visual verification purposes. Visitors who do not wish to download the app may approach the building concierge for registration in exchange of a QR ticket.