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Stop Plastic Pollution: Join a Beach Clean Up - Register Your Interest!

Stop Plastic Pollution: Join a Beach Clean Up - Register Your Interest!

Exclusively for By The Bay Tenants - Both corporate and individuals are welcome.

We are committed to advocating and highlighting the importance of marine pollution as it is often overlooked in conservations about climate change.

Did you know that we could be ingesting plastic equivalent to a credit card every week?

The amount of plastic waste flowing into the ocean and killing marine life is expected to triple in the next 20 years if no action is taken to alleviate marine plastic waste. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it cannot break down entirely but only into smaller pieces, called microplastics. Due to its size, it is mistaken for food by marine life, and it is here that it makes its way into our food chain.

Facilitated by Seven Clean Seas, a dedicated Ocean Clean Up Organization based in Singapore, RQAM will host 4 beach clean-up sessions* this year at different locations and is inviting the By The Bay Community to participate as a portfolio effort.

Session 1 : Friday, 18 Feb, 8am (Sembawang Beach, near Jln Selimang) - Closed
Session 2 : Friday, 22 Apr, 8am (Changi Beach) - Fully registered
Session 3 : Saturday, 4 Jun AM (Location TBA closer to date)
Session 4 : Saturday, 10 Sep AM (Locations TBA closer to date)

*Dates are tentative and are subject to weather conditions, finalised numbers of participants and prevailing SMM measures. For session 3 & 4, children are welcome to participate.

Click here to register your interest for any of the sessions early and we will contact you to share more details.

If you would like to collaborate with RQAM on this as part of your organisation's staff engagement and development activities, write to us at


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