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The Workspace of the Future

Maximise your productivity and creativity with a new generation of workplace and co-working solutions designed to accommodate future ways of working.

Flexible options

Agile work practices and dynamic office environments are revolutionising the world of work. Located in the prestigious Marina Bay Financial Centre and part of the By The Bay community, Bayspace reimagines the workplace with solutions that facilitate flexible ways to work and collaborate, tailored to tenants’ diverse needs.

Club Membership

Virtual Office / Hotdesking

An open co-working style environment with an inviting hospitality, the Clubhouse strikes the balance between work & leisure, without losing any functionality. Members & guests can now enjoy a collaborative atmosphere with hosted service from the comfort of their chosen workplace. i.e. strong wireless connectivity, semi-private booths, focused work and virtual office.

Lounge Membership

Day Pass / Week Pass

Sign up for a day pass or week pass to use the lounge area as your alternative work and meeting space. Accessible anytime during the weekdays.

Office Suites

Fully furnished and outfitted bookable rooms for teams of 4-10 people. Seamless technology integration and easy access to meeting spaces, cafe and concierge services make these suites perfect for medium to long term leasing. Features: server connectivity, wireless printing, secured mobile access, deluxe storage space, access to support services, and a high level of privacy.

Project Rooms

A collaborative environment for dedicated project teams. Bookable on a short to medium term basis, these rooms accommodate teams of up to 20 people, with centralised workstations, writable surfaces and high speed wifi connectivity. Features: optional custom branding, secured mobile access, collaborative focus, admin and IT support services.

Meeting Rooms

Purpose-built bookable areas; from intimate to large meeting rooms perfect for hosting clients, shareholders and internal think tanks. Including a dedicated “Deals Room” for high level meetings fully outfitted with premium furnishings & seamless tech integration. Features: auditory and visual privacy, app bookings and wireless connectivity.

Event Spaces

A community space overlooking scenic bay views; perfect for every corporate and personal event. A versatile space elegantly suited for talks, networking, townhall events, retreats and other celebrations complete with food and bar services.

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