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Do you share our passion for sustainability? Discover tips and ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle as well as green initiatives you can participate in and support.

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We welcome and encourage our tenants and community to join our ongoing green efforts. Here are some impactful ways you can get involved.

  • Contribute ideas to drive sustainability as part of our Green Champions committee
  • Get on board our best-practice recycling programmes distinctly tailored for office and retail tenants
  • Create a healthier workplace with Green Mark certification for your office
  • Collaborate with us on new sustainability projects

To learn more about our green initiatives or join our Green Champions committee, email


Five Ways AI Can Help Companies Achieve Corporate Sustainability

As the world fights to stay ahead in the battle against climate change, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are increasing in prominence and transforming industries. How can AI help us in this journey? We explored 5 ways AI can help companies achieve corporate sustainability.

10 ways to be zero-waste at your workplace, whether at home or the office

Climate change is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue that plagues our planet. Organisations and individuals globally are taking necessary steps to ensure they are reducing their carbon footprint. For most of us, our waking hours are mostly spent working. We can start by making simple swaps at our workplace to waste less(er) and here are some tips for you to get started.

What is upcycling and how can I get involved?

Waste not, want not! With just a little spark of creativity, and perhaps a fresh coat of paint or repurposing of some raw material, we can turn chopsticks, a table leg or even empty milk cartons into something fresh, unique and valuable.


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