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People Sustainability - What it is and How it Can Be Fostered.

People Sustainability - What it is and How it Can Be Fostered.

Environment, solar panels and lots of green - these could be the first things that pop up when the word sustainability comes to mind. However, there is one important aspect that is often overlooked. That aspect would be ‘People Sustainability’.

What is People Sustainability?

People Sustainability is the intersection of employee engagement, empowerment and corporate responsibility. In other words, it is defined as the ethical and fair treatment of people within the workforce of an organisation - across their supply chains and within the communities they operate in.

Why People Sustainability?

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In the face of issues such as skill gaps, hiring challenges, and more so than ever, a rapid pace of change, a focus on People Sustainability can build diverse teams that grow, learn and provide a sense of belonging, elevating an organisation’s agility.

This belief has been reflected in research that showcased how more than 86% of respondents support the investment in people sustainability and the benefits it brings.

After all, a comprehensive strategy that targets People Sustainability can assist organisations to improve their ESG metrics across the three pillars - driving positive effects in the economic and environmental sectors of sustainability.

How do we practise People Sustainability?

With such strong support for People Sustainability, here are two key ways it can be practised:

Opportunities to upskill

By 2030, experts estimate that a shortage of skills can lead to 85 million jobs globally being vacant. Hence, providing opportunities to upskill can help organisations engage and equip them with the necessary knowledge they need to grow alongside the evolution of a business.

However, this should not be limited to an organisation’s own people. It is important to invest in underrepresented and underserved talent pools to assist them in learning the capabilities to fill roles that are open, regardless of industry.

Such investments help organisations fill roles with the right people and create a team more diverse, agile and ready for the future.

Adopt a people-first approach for enhanced sustainability

To truly excel as a sustainability leader, it’s crucial to go beyond traditional Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies. While key talent metrics such as pay equality, benefits, career advancement, hiring, retention, and productivity are important, they are just the starting point.

In today’s climate, a people-first approach that prioritises employee well-being can yield significant benefits. Research shows that focusing on employee well-being can lead to increased productivity, improved collaboration, and enhanced motivation.

This can be achieved through various initiatives such as fitness challenges, wellness programs, or the provision of on-site exercise facilities. These recreational spaces not only promote a healthier workforce but also contribute to creating a more energetic and focused team.

By adopting a people-first approach, organisations can drive sustainable growth and become leaders in their respective fields.

Prioritising people: key to sustainable organisational success

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At the end of the day, people are the ones who come up with the latest business models, produce advanced technology and lead important initiatives. They play a vital role in the way an organisation progresses.

Hence, People Sustainability plays an important role in the progress of organisations. By adopting a people-first approach and offering opportunities to upskill, organisations can help people develop their own capabilities - and in the process, the potential capacity of a company.

In the long run, this could also improve their motivation to reach sustainability targets.

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