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7 Ways to Disconnect and De-Stress After Working Hours

Social Wellness has been celebrated since the early 2000s.

The campaign was founded by Words of Wellness, a counselling group that understands the importance of socialising and building new bonds. (

Social Wellness month aims to inspire individuals to adopt wholesome social behaviors, cultivate significant bonds with others, and promote positive interactions among friends, family and communities.


This initiative is not often recognised, but it is important as it reminds people to cultivate wellness within the social circles they surround themselves with. This has become even more critical, as we are living in the new normal post-pandemic.

Importantly, Singapore has observed more cases of professional burnout as well as increasing rates of depression. Given the typically central role that a job and workplace play in the professional and social lives of our employees, organisations might find it beneficial to provide more resources for their workforce in encouraging strong social wellness and dealing with anxiety and depression. (

In addition to the social dimension, we previously highlighted on our LinkedIn page seven other dimensions of wellbeing that require attention and enhancement to prevent work-related stress, which can ultimately result in reduced productivity and burnout. These dimensions include physical, emotional, occupational, spiritual, financial, environmental, and intellectual aspects. (


To better increase various aspects of wellness, and manage work-related stress, we have compiled 7 ways for you to try after a hard day's work:

1. Create a to-do list to better manage control over incomplete tasks

After a long day of toiling away at work and spending hours in meetings, consider wrapping the day up by reflecting over the work you did manage to complete, and put together a to-do list of work for the coming days. You will find it helpful as a way of managing your time and seizing control of your workload for the days to come.


2. Implement boundaries by “switching off”
Set a clear boundary between “work time” and “personal time” by turning off your email and work texts (while remaining contactable for urgent matters). This simple act of “switching off” could be greatly beneficial to your mental health as you have set time and space for you to focus on life outside of work. (

3. Rejuvenate yourself through a self-care, after-work routine
Treat yourself by adopting some of the relaxing practices that a spa might provide. Draw a bath, apply a facial mask, light some candles or essential oils, and wind down with some light instrumental music once you’ve come home from work.


4. A stroll in the park to reconnect with nature

If you are bound to the desk, languishing in an office of papers, laptops and busy people, take a leisurely stroll in a nearby park and breathe in the fresh air. Seeing green after a tiring day at work would be a healthy way to reconnect with nature, and provide your body with some light physical exercise.

5. Do something fun!

Whether it be finishing a crossword puzzle, catching a light-hearted movie after dinner, or even catching up with friends and family for dinner, give your mind the rest it needs by engaging in something you consider to be a positive experience.

6. Listening to podcasts or audiobooks

For some cerebral entertainment, plug in your earphones and listen to podcasts or audiobooks for a hassle-free way to spend your evenings. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular because you can pick to listen and learn about any topic that interests you.


7. Spend some time alone

For many employees, work already requires you to be endlessly engaged with customers, clients or your co-workers. To recover and recharge, why not consider spending some time on your own?

Some benefits to spending alone time include increasing empathy and productivity, as well as helping build mental strength, sparking creativity and giving you an opportunity to plan your life. (

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