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By The Bay Celebrating Women #IWD2023

This year, the focus of International Women’s Day has been to #embraceequity.

For many of us, our impression and understanding of ‘being equitable’ has been weighted towards ‘being fair’. We intuitively believe that everyone should enjoy equal opportunity, whether in the office, at home or in society. However, the fact that not everyone begins at the same starting line is often overlooked.

Recognizing that all individuals bring different experiences, values, talents, challenges, and perspectives, equity is about understanding their unique needs and providing them with what they need to be successful.

In commemoration of this special day, our Deputy CEO, Ms. Beverly Chee, expresses gratitude for working alongside so many talented and inspiring women. She believes that workplaces and communities benefit from diverse perspectives, experiences and contributions.

IWD 2023 Beverly Chee's Post

By The Bay is grateful to our community for contributing to and being a part of our inclusive and supportive community, enriching our workplaces and helping us create an environment that is welcoming and empowering for all.

We have reached out to them to capture their messages and perspectives on the theme of this year’s celebration and are happy to share their responses in full as follows:

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